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a luna lovegood exchange

Fic and Art Exchange for Luna Lovegood
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luna_exchange fic and art exchange is when people fill a request for whatever elements they want or don't want to see in a fic or a piece of art - elements such as mood, characters, dialogue, and so on. Someone writes or draws a piece of work for them. In return, they also fulfill a fic or art request for someone else. Basically, writers and artists swap stories and art. Thus it is a fic/art exchange.

This particular exchange community focuses on the character Luna Lovegood. This is also an anonymous exchange, therfore, Authors/Artists will be revealed at the end, once all fics/art have been posted.

Rules of Engagment
1. If you request a fic or art, you must be able to fulfill someone else's request.

2. You do not have to be a Live Journal user to participate, but you do need a valid email address so we can contact you.

3. All fics should have a minimum word count of 1000. There is no maximum word limit. All fics must be complete when sent to us. Chaptered or multi-part fics are fine, but the fics must be complete, and the mod must have the all the parts by the due date.

All fics should be emailed to cynicaldreamer86@gmail.com with the subject of "Luna Exchange" in either Word format or .txt format. Remember to include the entire header that the mods will supply.

4. All art should emailed to cynicaldreamer86@gmail.com in .jpg, .gif, or .png format. Remember to include the entire header that the mods will supply.

5. Code your fic with the appropriate html tags. If you send your fic in with Microsoft Word (which is fine), you still have to tag your work! Missing or broken html tags make stories look shoddy. It is not necessary to place the < p > < /p > tags, because it will make the story unpostable.

6. Please have your fic spell-checked and beta-read. Misspellings and grammatical errors take away from the enjoyment of a fic, and they're such little things to fix.

7. All fics will be posted here, just for reference purposes. That way we don't have to deal with archives that like to go the way of the dodo during the exchange! But after the specific round's masterlist is compiled and posted, feel free to post the work everywhere and anywhere it's allowed!

8. To maintain anonymity, please do not post your fic anywhere else until after the revealing. After the revealing, go ahead and archive it anywhere you want.

9. In order to request or write a fic rated NC-17 you must be at least 17. You can turn 17 the day before for all we care, but you must be 17 at the time of requesting/writing.

Modly Info

Mod: rarity
Email: cynicaldreamer86@gmail.com

Feel free to contact me with any questions and concerns!